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How to Instantly Rebound From 5 ‘Foot-In-Mouth’ Moments

Leader Anne Klaeysen featured in this article in Men's Health.

Dr. Anne Klaeysen (The Crusader)!

We already knew Anne was inspirational...

March For A Clean Energy Revolution!

On the eve of the Democratic National Convention, thousands will march for action to prevent climate catastrophe and present these demands directly to our current and future national leaders:

Children with Incarcerated Parents

TakePart, is an online news site that features articles to inspire change on our nation's most important issues, including social justice, LGBT rights, and the environment.

The Orlando Massacre

Once again, we are witness to mass slaughter by firearms, the most extensive in American history, with 49 persons dead and 53 injured.

Tears and Fears

In the bright light of a new day, we take toll: of the dead and injured in the Orlando attack, of yet another mass shooting on American soil by an American, of the money spent and the politicians bought by the National Rifle Association so that we can count the hours before another deadly assault. Again, we cry and comfort, decry this atrocity and look for answers. And again, the same fears are voiced.


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