Ethics for Children

Sunday, March 12, 2017 - 11:00am
Elliott Library, Room 507

March Theme: How Science Brings Light to Ethics

Ethical Explorers will look at how ethical exploration is enhanced by the scentific method, learning how knowledge benefits from the collaboration of diverse minds.

Join us as we:

-Probe the quest for truth as represented by science.
-Sort out the powers of opinion and fact, hypothesis and conclusion
-Create brain-hats and think deeply about the sceince of the past, present and future.
-Stand up together as a community in support of scientific inquiry, knowledge, and their value in our Ethical growth.

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Sunday Schedule:

Ceremonial Hall, 4th Floor - ETHICAL'S inclusive community gathers. Following the community greeting and music, adults and teens are welcome to stay for the Platform Meeting

Children (and any parents who wish to attend) go upstairs to the Elliott Library, room 507, for special values-based activities.

We all reconvene in the Cafeteria, 6th floor. Families may choose to stayf or lunch (always free for children and teens).

Ethics for Youth and Teen Leaders meets at the Teen Table.