Ethics for Children

Sunday, October 15, 2017 - 11:00am
Elliott Library, Room 507

This week:

"gRRRRRReen" -Mask & Costume Making from recycled materials -- yes, you may bring collected clean reusable items like egg cartons and toilet paper tubes -- for a creative workshop to galvanize a movement to make Halloween "Green" !!!  We encourage families to refrain from "buying in" to the consumer-based Halloween, and to connect to it through Green engagement. 

Every week:

11am: Ceremonial Hall, 4th floor - Ethical's inclusive community gathers for greetings and music.

11:15am: Adults and teens may choose to stya for the Morning Meeting. Children will be led to Elliott Library on the 5th floor for an independent project of friendship, creativity, and deed.

12:30pm: Pick-up on the 5th floor or on the playground (6th floor) weather permitting.

Lunch & Social Hour (Cafeteria, 6th floor). Children and teens always eat free! Complimentary lunch for first-time newcomer parents/caregivers.

12:30-2pm Family playground time (6th floor), weather permitting.

Send RSVPs or inquiries to For more information, visit