Film & Discussion: The Barefoot Artist

Sunday, April 15, 2018 - 1:30pm
Ceremonial Hall, 4th Floor

Directors: Glenn Holsten, Daniel Traub

As an artist, Lily Yeh believes art to be a human right. As a community organizer, she believes it can bring people together and mend the broken spirit. Directed by Glenn Holsten and Daniel Traub, The Barefoot Artist reflects on Yeh’s life as an artist, from her childhood in China to her home in Philadelphia, and the communities she has impacted over the years. Using art as a method of community building, Yeh and her nonprofit Barefoot Artists has helped countless impoverished communities in Africa, India and around the world. This film traces her years of service to helping these communities and enacting social change, as well as the personal struggles she’s faced over the years; it’s an honest and moving story of a woman who has spent her entire life using art as a vehicle for good.