Leader Lunch Discussions

Thursdays, 12:00 Noon
Elliott Library, Room 507

Bring your lunch and join Leader Dr. Anne Klaeysen for in depth discussions on a variety of timely subjects.

Upcoming topics:  

December 1 Religion without belief” by Christopher Kavanagh, Aeon, 9/15/16  
December 8 “Refusing Religion, Claiming the Future” by Peter Laarman, 1/7/16 and “They’re not coming back: The religiously unaffiliated and the post-religious era” by Kaya Oakes, 9/26/16, Religion Dispatches
December 15 Ian Johnson, NY Times, “China Seeks Tighter Grip in Wake of a Religious Revival,” 10/7/16 and “On the Role of Chinese Religion in Environmental Protection,” 10/17/16 
December 22 Unearthing the World of Jesus” by Ariel Sabar, Smithsonian Magazine, Jan-Feb 2016 
December 29 American Secular” by Sam Haselby, Aeon, 5/26/16 
Month of January

AFTERMATH: SIXTEEN WRITERS ON TRUMP’S AMERICA - (see calendar for discussion dates)

February 2 "Rewriting the Code of Life" by Michael Specter, The New Yorker, 1/2/17
February 9 "Conscious Exotica" by Murray Shanahan, Aeon, 10/19/16
February 16 "The Trouble with Quantum Mechanics" by Steven Weinberg, NY Review of Books, 1/19/17
February 23 "If Not Darwin, Who?" by Philip Ball, Nautilus, 12/15/16
March 2 The Future Is Mixed Race” by Scott Solomon, Aeon, 2/2/17 
March 9 Latte Pappas: Sweden’s Hands-on Dads” by Richard W. Orange, Aeon, 1/18/17
March 16 It’s Putin’s World” by Franklin Foer, The Atlantic, March 2017 
March 23 The New Underground Railroad” by Jason Markusoff, Maclean’s, 2/7/17 
March 30 How Assad Is Winning” by Charles Glass, NY Review of Books, 2/23/17 


Folders with relevant articles will be available from Maggie Determann in the Membership office.