Ethics on the Air Archive


Dr. Anne Klaeysen and Andra Miller- Communicating with Compassion


Bob Berson- The Concept of Worth with Andra Miller and Dr. Terry Perlin

Andra Miller- Readings and discussion on "identity"

Dr. Phyllis Harrison-Ross- Bringing Out The Best

Frank Pasquale- Health Care and Economic Justice: Legal and Ethical Issues

Vincent Brancato- Hydrofracking for natural gas

Dr. Phyllis Harrison Ross- "Ethics in Social Service"

Heather Grady- Heather Grady shares her personal reflections on ethical dimensions in her work and life. Note: Show begins 3.30 minutes in.

Andra Miller and Dr. Terry Perlin- Is There an Ethical Response to Evil?



Anne Klaeysen and Andra Miller (starts 3 minutes in) - Occupy Wall Street

Henry Bunch- Ethical Kids – The Influence of Soccer

Lisa Donlan & Norm Scott- Education-NYC

Curt Collier- Understanding Economics II

Dr.Linda Nathan-  Lessons from and Innovative Urban School (Boston Academy of Arts)

Laura Liu and Trebor Scholz- Fairness and Justice in a World of Global Communication



Dr. John Hoad- The Ethical Humanism of Jesus

Curt Collier- Understanding Economics 

Dr. Steven Cohen- Ethics and War

Sharon Stanley- Considerations and Controversy of Preventive Surgery

Nicola DeMarco & Elraida Prendergast- Finding or Fighting for Fair Housing

Beth Walker & Deavery Irons- Justice for Juveniles – a call to ethical action! 

Dr Majid Ali- Ethics and the World Ecology

Tiberiu Galis- Conflict and Genocide Prevention on the World Stage



Moderators- Ethical Issues at Christmastime

Dr. Judith Schwarz Serving the Needs of Patients at the End of Life

Dr. Terry Perlin- Ethical Issues in Psychotherapy

Bart Worden- Self-Regard and Ethical Living

Commissioner Denise O'Donnell- Sentencing Reform Commission report and plans

Diane Kirschner- Nonviolent Communication

Jack Beck- Heath Care in Prisons

Curt Collier-  Environmental Politics and Policy 



NYSEC- Informal with Andra Miller and Dr Phyllis Harrison-Ross 

Anne Klaeysen- Ethical Eating

Dr. Susan Neiman- Moral Clarity

Fundraiser (first hour)

Fundraiser (second hour)

Charles and Carolyn Debrovner- Abortion and the Law 

Michael Kreigh- What Does Ethics Have to do With Being Green? 

Dr. Richard Bernstein- Ethical Dilemmas at the End of Life

Dr. Robert Fuller- Rankism: The Unethical Response  

Dr. Paul S. Appelbaum- The Ethics of DNA Testing



Marc Bernstein- Sorrow, Guilt, etc- Hope

Gerald Ranck- Ethics and Music  

Patricia Bruder Debrovner- Ethical Dilemmas Revealed Through the Playwright’s Art

Abe MarkmanEC  Common Ground 

Tony Hileman- The Resurgence of Atheism: An Ethical Response 

Dr. Arthur Dobrin- Raising Moral Children  

Curt Collier- Assumptions that Shape Our Politics 

Joe Chuman- Ethnicity, Identity and Ethical Culture 

Marc Bernstein- Ethical Culture and African Americans–A Century of Collaboration

Anne Klaeysen- Forgiveness

Anne Klaeysen- The Companion Paths of Ethical Humanism and Buddhism 



Joe Chuman- Ethical Culture's Role in the Modern World

Marc Bernstein- J Pope- The Supreme Moral Rule and Ethical Culture and Activism