She: A Choreoplay

Friday, October 20, 2017 - 7:30pm


SHE: a choreoplay, is the vision of Jinah Parker, dancer, choreographer, playwright, creator, and produced by Kevin Powell. Featuring a cast of diverse and gifted dancers and actresses, SHE is about violence against women and girls, about what happened to Sandra Bland, about healing. It is dance, it is music, it is film, it is dialogue, it is monologue, it is an incredibly unique and special theater experience. We are thrilled to produce this very special two Fall performances at NEW YORK SOCIETY FOR ETHICAL CULTURE after our first highly successful Off-Broadway run earlier this year, at HERE in New York City:

• All of the shows were filled with diverse audiences. Literally every race, culture, class, gender identity/non-identity, and generation/age group
• Profoundly beautiful, real, raw, and empowering talk backs after every performance with SHE cast and audience and special guests
• Several major media write-ups about SHE, including in The Village Voice, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, and Medium
• Here are THREE of our favorite articles about SHE:

"SHE, a stunning, beautiful, and evocative choreoplay about women and girls, and men and boys, too”
"With ‘She,' Jinah Parker Triumphs Over A Culture That Abuses Women"
“The Transformational Power of SHE, A Choreoplay About Violence Against Women”
To learn more about Jinah Parker, The Jinah Parker Project, and SHE, please visit