Employment Opportunity

Position: Co-Director of Empowering Ethical Elders Program – Part Time/Social Worker
Position Summary*
We are looking for an emotionally intelligent Social Worker to act as an advocate and help elders and their caregivers foster their capacities and coping mechanisms in order to improve and better their daily lives and experiences, within specified standards and timescales. We are creating a group of active, energized elders to advocate for senior citizens.
Under the direction of the Chairperson of the Social Security Board (SSB) and Coordinator of the Empowering Ethical Elders (EEE), provides social work services to caregivers, elders, and their families using various social work methods, including individual, group and family counseling, along with training seminars. These functions are performed under general supervision, necessitating the ability to exercise independent and sound judgment. The Social Worker will participate in the EEE Educational program where psychosocial services and crisis intervention is provided when necessary.
Illustrative Examples of Work*
• Participates and occasionally presents at bi-monthly meetings, assemblies, or programs.
• Introduce speakers, manage sign-in sheets, arrange technology and equipment, create flyers, for EEE meetings.  
Help develop list of speakers for year with co-director and  coordinator and president of SSB
Find speakers and arrange dates that they will present for eleven or twelve months send emails to speakers chosen.  Finalize arrangements for individual speakers
Provide supply list to Office Manager / Maintenance for each presentation
Submit stipend form for each speaker to Bookkeeper
Attend approximately three EEE Planning meetings per year
Submit monthly invoice for hours worked = 11 hours
Responsible for Setting up room based on speaker needs
Contact SSB president’s assistant for food order
Responsible for set up of room / with maintenance
Coverage of phones at EEE office.  2weeks per month
Consultation with SEC MEMBERS when requested regarding personal or Social Service needs
Responsible to be available for SEC member consultation as needed.
Distribution of emails to prospective attendees announcing each months program
1. Ethical Culture
2. Former attendees
3. Senior planet and Meet-Up
• Participates with interdisciplinary team members in developing and implementing program policies and procedures and preventing crises.
• Assesses the social and emotional needs of participants and members
• Provides direct counseling/social services to members referred by self, faculty, administration
and other ancillary staff.
• Tracks and follows up on all referrals made.
• Coordinates social work services and patient referrals between the program and other
agencies providing social and educational services in both NYSEC and local community.
• Establishes referral network/linkages with outside agencies for both elders and caregivers.
• Serves as an advocate for elders' rights within the NYSEC and serves as a mediator between
Caregivers, families, and community agencies
• Remains available for crisis intervention social work as the need arises or arranges for such
coverage by emergency social services.
• Attends all scheduled program meetings including the monthly Social Service Board meeting.
• Ensures that all participants, visitors, guests, as well as coworkers, receive personalized, prompt attention and are treated with receptiveness, dignity and respect, no matter how limited the contact.
• Implements philosophy and objectives of program.
• Participates in the planning and implementation of the program and activities.
• Performs other related duties, as required.
Minimum Qualifications and Experience*
• Master's Degree in Social Work and a valid New York State License in Social Work.
• Able to work specified evenings 4-8:30PM
• Ability to engage and diffuse crisis situations
• Ability to work effectively with elders, families, professionals and other personnel from
a wide range of cultural, social and economic backgrounds.
• Proven working experience as a social worker
• Working knowledge of social theories and practices
• Social perceptiveness and empathy
• Ability to build and maintain professional helping relationships
• Ability to relate and communicate with diverse population and groups
• Resilience along with ability to assess situations
• Willing to submit to background checks
*While all aspects of this job cannot be described here, this job description does distinguish the essential characteristics of this position. In most cases, applicants exceeding minimum qualifications and/or experience will receive greater consideration for appointment.
Parttime Position
4 hours for set up and Monitoring of Programs on the first or third Thursdays of each month 4-8 PM
Phone coverage for consultation and referral:  Half of each month
Planned meetings with Co-director, coordinator, and Chairperson of the Social Service Board.
Researching and Recruiting of speakers
Attend Social Service Board meetings once a month
Salary:  Hourly rate which averages $6500.00 per year.
Call for Information:  (212) 721-4407