"Connect to Exchange: An Ethical Experience" Future of Ethical Societies Conference, May 26-29 in Asheville, NC

When we meet, are we aware of what we are taking? How each human interaction contains a wealth of knowledge and feeling? Are we aware of what we are giving? The Future of Ethical Societies (FES) Conference in Asheville, North Carolina will be exercise in intentionally sharing that which we have learned and reaching out with openness for what we seek to gain from another.

Christian Hayden, as conference planner, and Joy McConnell, as Society point of contact, hope to create a lasting and moving experience.

The conference this year promises to be an intimate affair, and more global than ever. International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organization Reps from Peru and Brazil are planning to come. FES hopes to attract young people from all Societies. Asheville’s serene landscape, rich cultural and artistic attractions will make for an exciting conference!

The FES Conference this year hopes to leave its members with something to take home. From the people whose paths they cross, the words of their peers, and the things that inspire them; the hope is everyone will leave with a little more than with which they came. 

Details and registration at aeu.org/event/fes-conference-in-asheville-nc