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Justice January with Young Ethical Explorers

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A new year offers a portal….
It’s a great time to dive into your family’s Ethical Intentions — individually and collectively. Families may root deeper in their values and grow support through this ETHICAL COMMUNITY.  All families are welcome to get involved with our programming.
RSVP is essential for planning purposes.
     a. Come consistently — this is of great value, in building ethical friendships and experiencing the true value of community.
     b. Families are encouraged to seek Ethical Membership, by attending a “new comers orientation” and by reaching out to our Membership Director Maggie Determann, at
     c. Non-member families are invited to offer free-will donations toward the program, if they choose to.
Jan. 2 at 11am
(note: today is a VIRTUAL DAY!
To participate, RSVP to for Zoom Link
Also, note no FIRST SUNDAYS EVENT in the afternoon)
This month is named after the ancient Roman God of doorways, JANUS, a two faced figure who looks back and forward at once!
“Open Door Day!”  All ages of children. New-comers! Old-timers!
Gather ON ZOOM for a New Year’s Project. Please bring paper and drawing/coloring implements.
Jan. 8 at 11am
THE MOVEMENTS… upon whose shoulders we stand!  YEE will reflect upon the powerful movements of justice and fairness that have come before us… and carry them forth through our own project.
Jan. 15 at 11am
Dr. King’s Birthday. A profound day for serious DREAM-WORK and DEED.
Jan. 22 at 11am
ECO-writing workshop led by Deepali Srivastava of Writefully Ours: This is part of a monthly Eco-writing series!
This session will focus on Comic book writing:  What’s your ‘ELEMENT’ary superpower? Young writers will develop a story about a superhero with secret superpowers to protect Planet Earth. We will focus on creative character and plot development as every superhero tackles an environmental issue they care about.
January 30:
MUSIC-MAKING for GOODNESS’ SAKE: come be part of the band to create joyful ethical expression. Learn new songs from the great history of justice-music! Bring a JUSTICE song to share! Create a new song to share your values!
February 6th
11am PEACE-PLAY followed by:
1:30pm Intergenerational FIRST SUNDAY EVENT with special guests/themes and an open-mic welcome to children/families, encouraged and supported to create presentations to share. See poster of our special event and invite everyone you know!
Audrey Kindred

Audrey Kindred

Audrey Kindred leads programming for youth and families at Ethical NYC

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