We at the New York Society for Ethical Culture have committed ourselves to supporting and promoting the important work of local environmental and climate groups as part of our mission to help bring human activity into harmony with the need to protect the earth’s natural systems.

Environmental Stewardship Committee

Our Environmental Stewardship Committee meets on the fourth Sunday of each month at 1:30pm. We also host environmental justice and climate speakers once a month on Sunday mornings at our Platform talks. See our calendar for upcoming talks, and our video archives and YouTube channelfor past speakers on animal agriculture, sustainable economics and climate change. We also host film screenings and educational forums on a wide range of issues.

Ethical is also proud to have hosted the organizing committee of the People’s Climate March (2014) for the Faith Contingent and has provided space for civil disobedience training for Democracy Spring.

Our Partnerships

350NYC which meets three times each month at Ethical to educate the public about the issues and provide opportunities for engagement at every level of climate advocacy, organizing, and activism.

New York City Grassroots Alliance meets monthly at Ethical to bring together people from many groups in the climate activism community to network, learn from one another, and support each other’s work—because we’re stronger together.

Food and Water Watch which meets monthly at Ethical to promote their corporate and government accountability efforts to protect our food and water supply.

Be sure to keep an eye on our calendar for all upcoming meetings and events!