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Ethics Unplugged: The Shadow of the Pandemic

By March 22, 2023April 3rd, 2023No Comments

This month marks 3 years since The Great Shut Down when all of us were instructed to stay home to “flatten the curve.” What we thought would be a few weeks at most turned in a pandemic that remains with us, still. How has the shadow of the pandemic changed your life and perspectives? What silver linings have you found? What would Felix Adler—who lived through the “Spanish” Flu—have done?

March Theme: Me and My Shadow

Ethical Culture founder, philosopher Felix Adler, discusses the three spiritual pains of isolation, meaninglessness, powerlessness. Over and against this are things he names as shadows such as selfishness, narrowness, ignorance. This month we examine how these show up in our lives personally and globally today.

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