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Kendra Pierre-Louis: Looking at Climate Change Through the Lens of Solutions

By September 25, 2022No Comments

Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time. How we choose to act on this issue – or not act – will shape humanity for generations to come. In this talk, Kendra Pierre-Louis, will sketch out the scope of the problem and what it means to look at climate through the lens of solutions.What can we, as a society do, to limit the worst impacts of climate change? And how can we as individuals use our gifts in service to this transition?

Kendra Pierre-Louis is a senior climate reporter with the Gimlet/Spotify podcast How to Save a Planet. Previously she was a climate reporter with The New York Times and a staff writer for Popular Science (PopSci) where she wrote about science, the environment, and, occasionally, mayonnaise. She is also the author of the book, “Green Washed: Why We Can’t Buy Our Way to a Green Planet.”

Kendra has Masters’ in Science Writing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and in Sustainable Development with a focus on Policy Analysis and Advocacy from the SIT Graduate Institute. She also has a B.A. in Economics from Cornell University.

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