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A Resolution and a Statement from the 105th AEU Assembly

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Reaffirming Statement – Black Lives Matter to AEU

Systemic racism has been, and continues to be, a core characteristic of the power structure and culture of the United States. Hundreds of years of brutality and oppression have created and sustained a deeply inequitable society that has been and continues to be profoundly detrimental to Black communities, Indigenous communities, and other communities of color. Read more.

Resolution — Supporting “Death with Dignity”

Whereas the American Ethical Union and the Humanist Association were founded on the principles of the dignity and worth of each person, reverence for life, and freedom of belief among others.

resolution was passed by the AEU in 2003 in support of decriminalization of the furnishing of a prescription for a lethal dose of drugs by a physician to an adult patient with full decision-making capacity. Read more.

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