Our building holds a distinct place in New York City's architectural history.

Offering breathtaking views of Central Park and elegant, well-appointed spaces, our historic meeting house is the perfect venue for your special event. Our beautiful, century-old building retains its historic charm while providing guests with the very best in modern services.

Our facilities can accommodate a wide variety of gatherings, and Ethical Culture Leaders are available to officiate at any type of occasion, including weddings and memorials.

Whether you are planning an intimate cocktail reception for twenty or a full-scale musical performance for eight hundred, NYSEC will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We have the right space – at the right price – for you.

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Adler Hall

Our 800-seat Adler Hall has a rich and vibrant performing arts history. Committed to fostering relationships with the arts community as a whole, we understand the unique needs of all artists – from soloists and grassroots theater companies to full-scale orchestras and ensembles. Adler Hall has been a home to numerous concerts, recitals, play readings, and musicals.

While often favored for its architectural grandeur, the Hall is best known for its spectacular acoustics; this unique blend of beauty and versatility has made Adler Hall at NYSEC one of the most sought-after performance venues in New York City. Performers and concertgoers alike know that any event in Adler Hall will be unforgettable.

•812 Seat Theater (Seating Chart) (COVID 6′ Spacing: 280)
•27′ x 47′ Main Stage
•Rogers Digital Organ
•Steinway B Grand Piano
•16’x16′ Projector Screen
•Green Room
•Box Office

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"At the historic meeting house of the New York Society for Ethical Culture on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Ed Sheeran needed little more than his voice and a guitar to whip a crowd of 700 fervent fans into a frenzy of mass sing-a-longs or hush them into enraptured silence."

Live From the Artists Den

"There are probably more great entertainment venues in NYC than any other city in the world. But one stands out for me in terms of intimacy, ability of the crowd to get close to and connect with their heroes and comfort: Adler Hall on the corner of 64th street and Central Park West. Besides the fabulously idyllic location across from the bucolic Central Park, this church-like hall complete with pews is an 812-seat gem in which to see a concert. Part of the New York Society for Ethical Culture...Adler Hall is sublime. If there’s a better place to hear music in Manhattan, I’d like to know about it."

Backstage Pass'Dickey Betts Shreds NYC'

"Minnesota natives Low played a gorgeous show last night at the New York Society for Ethical Culture concert hall. The sweeping antique auditorium, with its velvet pews and soaring, curved ceiling, was the perfect setting for the band's intimate yet intense performance."

Baeble'Low at The New York Society for Ethical Culture'

"The warm acoustics and intimate setting produce a fine concert experience for performers and audience alike."

Nicholas SaundersDirector of Concert Operations, The Juilliard School

"Adler Hall provides an intimate rapport between artists and audience with a beautifully immediate and true acoustic."

Valerie GuyDirector of Artistic Operations, Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

Ceremonial Hall

•Seats 150 Theater; 80 Banquet (COVID 6′ Spacing: 30 Theater; 30 Banquet)
•35′ x 44′ floor plan
•Stained glass windows with panoramic view of Central Park
•Steinway A grand piano

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Social Hall

•Seats 277 Theater; 160 Banquet (COVID 6′ Spacing: 50 Theater; 40 Banquet)
•50′ x 65′ floor plan
•Steinway A grand piano

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Adler Study

•Seats 50 Theater; 24 Banquet (COVID 6′ Spacing: 25 Theater; 12 Banquet)
•19′ x 29′ floor plan
•Panoramic view of Central Park

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Elliott Library

•Seats 50 Theater; 24 Banquet (COVID 6′ Spacing: 25 Theater; 12 Banquet)
•19′ x 28′ floor plan

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Room 508

•Seats 20 Theater; 10 Conference Table (COVID 6′ Spacing: 8 Theater; 6 Conference Table)
•10′ x 13′ floor plan

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Every significant stage of life is marked by a ceremony.

At Ethical NYC, we see this on a daily basis. Whether it’s a bris, a bar- or bat-mitvah, a birthday party, anniversary, or a memorial, we recognize and understand the personal significance of each. The versatility of our spaces makes NYSEC a perfect venue for any life passage ceremony. Adler Study and Elliott Library are elegant rooms suited for more intimate gatherings. Ceremonial Hall welcomes up to 150 guests. Our famed Concert Hall has hosted various life passage events for several hundred people. Social Hall, with its open floor plan, is highly functional.

For those interested in marking important life passages, the Ethical Culture Society has Leaders and officiants available to preside and help you plan personal and meaningful occasions. For more information contact Maggie Determann in the Leaders’ Office.


Our weddings are creative, respecting the individuality of each member of the couple, as well as the ethical commitment of the union. Shared values are the foundation of an Ethical Culture wedding. We specialize in customized ceremonies for couples of different religious backgrounds and genders, no particular religious connection, and others who want a non-traditional, humanistic, spiritual ceremony. Ethical Culture Leaders and officiants are authorized under the New York State law to perform weddings

Wedding Receptions

Celebrate your nuptials with style. Cherish them for a lifetime. Elegance. Sophistication. Old-world New York charm.These are the hallmarks of a wedding reception at the New York Society for Ethical Culture.  Located in the heart of Manhattan, we offer couples a unique opportunity to experience the best in service and hospitality.  Some prefer simple ceremonies.  Others prefer elaborate events.  Fortunately, Ethical NYC can provide you with both.

With its beautiful woodwork, stained glass windows, and breathtaking view of Central Park, our Ceremonial Hall is a prime choice for your special day.  Here, guests can enjoy the exquisiteness of the space or gather on the outdoor patio for cocktails and conversation.  Natural light and high ceilings accentuate the aesthetic appeal of the Hall, making for a truly memorable occasion.

For a more intimate gathering, the Adler Study offers equally impressive skyline views coupled with a warm and classic atmosphere.  Enjoy your reception in a beautiful space that will make you and your guests feel at home.

Your own catering and floral options are welcome, but NYSEC works with several excellent caterers and florists that have garnered high praise from our clientele.

Baby Naming and Welcoming

These ceremonies recognize the joy and commitment of parenting. By introducing the child formally to family, friends, and community, the ceremony recognizes the child as a person of worth, dignity, and uniqueness.  For new parents, this may also be the first step of a formal commitment to their child’s ethical development.  Parents meet with a leader or officiant to create the ceremony, which can be private or interwoven with the Sunday Meeting.

Coming of Age Ceremonies

The Ethical Culture community strives to support adolescents in this most formative period of their lives. The ceremony may be connected to the Ethics for Children Sunday School program, or it may be an individual marking of this life passage with family and friends. A Leader and the child meet with parents, a mentor and other family members to fashion a ceremony unique to the individual.

Funerals and Memorial Services

At the time of death, the primary concern is to help the bereaved reach beyond the loss to an affirmation of life. The memorial service is planned by family and friends with an Ethical Culture Leader or officiant. It is designed to commemorate and celebrate the life of the deceased, to help the bereaved accept the pain and loss, and to offer support and comfort. This service often becomes a celebration of an individual’s life – a time to share memories, a time to focus on the impact they made on others, and a time to acknowledge finality without despair.

Corporate Functions

From corporate training sessions and seminars to large-scale conferences, NYSEC has a space for you.  The Concert Hall, known primarily for its grandeur and superb acoustics, can accommodate 800 and comes with a 16 x 16 screen, which makes any presentation smart and accessible.  Adler Study and Elliott Library often serve as “breakout” rooms for smaller meetings or lunches.  For mid-size meetings, Ceremonial Hall may be the right choice.

Film and TV Shoots

NYSEC has been featured in several major motion pictures and television shows – and for all of the obvious reasons.  A landmark building overlooking Central Park West.  Impressive spaces that are known for their beauty and versatility.  In many ways, coming to NYSEC is like stepping back in time to the gilded age of turn-of-the-century Manhattan.  Glance out of our stained-glass windows, however, and you are immediately transported to present-day New York, with its jagged skyline buffeted by the treetops of Central Park.  We encourage location scouts – as well as producers and production development professionals – to tour our grand facility.