Current Campaigns

August Partner: New York Harm Reduction Educators/Washington Heights Corner Project

Led by April Platform guest Sam Rivera, New York Harm Reduction Educators and Washington Heights Corner Project are two merging harm reduction organizations that provide services to active drug users and sex workers in Northern Manhattan and The South Bronx, many of whom are low-income or homeless as well as of color and LGBTQ.

Most recently, they opened the nation’s first two overdose prevention centers in NYC, which in just six months have already saved 314 lives.

NYHRE fights the stigmas associated with drug use and sex work every day. Their cornerstone services – syringe exchange, education and outreach – are central to their mission, and their street-side delivery model brings NYHRE’s services to sites in East Harlem and the South Bronx every day. They go where they are needed!

NYHRE recognizes the multicultural diversity of the communities it serves, and provides its services and materials in culturally appropriate ways. Their staff is multilingual, ensuring that our constituents can discuss their situations and communicate their problems with people who will fully understand them. Through the programs and services we offer, NYHRE helps put drug users and sex workers on a pathway to self-recovery.

Good Neighbor Initiative: Help Us Help Our UWS Neighbors

This summer, the Society has mobilized to help our Upper West Side neighbors at NYCHA’s Amsterdam Houses and Harborview Terrace senior community. We’re collecting donations of food and other household necessities that we drop off each month. In just two weeks we’ve collected over a thousand pounds of supplies to help residents, and we’re asking everyone to pitch in.

Make a donation to support the project, and visit our website for details on how to give items and volunteer.

Utilizing our existing memberships and relationships with wholesalers to be most effective, all funds raised will be used to purchase:

•Food, including fresh fruits and vegetables
•Tampons, pads, and hygiene products
•Other household necessities as requested

Please give what you can, and thank you!

Help Purchase Supplies for Ukraine

In cooperation with Manhattan Together and St. George Ukrainian Catholic Church, the New York Society for Ethical Culture is collecting supplies to be shipped to Ukrainians suffering under the Russian invasion. You can drop off approved supplies at our meeting house, order items and have them shipped to our meeting house, or donate here and we’ll purchase them!

Support Ethics and the Theater

Help us cover the costs of our Ethics and the Theater play readings and discussions. This includes hiring actors and directors, securing play licenses, and more.

Giving to The Society

When you support the New York Society for Ethical Culture, you become an integral part of our rich 130-plus year history promoting progressive values, furthering social justice, and giving voice to those who otherwise might not be heard. Your contribution may go to support our social service programs, advocacy efforts, child and family programs, public programming, building restoration and universal access, or any number of other areas.

For more information contact Executive Director Robert Liebeskind.

Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Online Donations - One-Time or Recurring (Debit, Credit, ACH)

Please use our online donation form to give using a debit card, credit card, or ACH transfer. You can choose to make a one-time donation, or easily setup a recurring monthly donation.

Mail a Check

Checks are payable to The New York Society for Ethical Culture, and can be sent to:

New York Society for Ethical Culture
2 West 64th Street
New York, NY 10023

Memorial Gifts

Give a gift to the Society in honor or in memory of a loved one. Know that your donation will help the Society continue to provide important educational and advocacy programs, and fund our social service efforts.

To give, please visit the link below and check “Dedicate my donation in honor or in memory of someone.”

Click here to give a memorial gift to honor a loved one.

Planned Giving

Be a torch bearer for the New York Society for Ethical Culture! Whether you are writing your first will or updating an existing one, we hope you’ll choose to include a gift to the New York Society for Ethical Culture in your plans. Your generosity provides a lasting legacy to Ethical Culture ideals, and a bequest to Ethical NYC will light the way for generations to come.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to make a difference in the world. Charitable bequests are for everyone and anyone. They are both sensible and simple gifts. A bequest allows you to be generous and keep your financial options open. You can use your will to give a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or a specific item, such as real estate, a boat, artwork, the family silver, copyright or royalty income, or savings bonds. Bequests and other estate gifts come in all shapes and sizes and are as different as the people who create them.

Anyone can make a meaningful gift to Ethical NYC in their will. Regardless of the amount, your bequest is a statement of your ethical values. Your gift provides a continuing voice for social justice and caring community. When you demonstrate that you care enough about our Society to support its future, others will follow your generous example.

The Future of the New York Society for Ethical Culture is in your hands. Ensure that Ethical NYC will grow and prosper, and that we can continue to be a voice for compassion and social justice for years to come. Make your mark and provide an important lasting legacy.

Contact Executive Director Robert Liebeskind for more information.

Giving to The Society

Matching Gifts

You can increase the value of your gift to Ethical by asking your employer about a corporate matching gift. To make a matching gift check with your company’s human resources department to find out about its matching-gift policy. Many employers will provide a form for you to fill out and send to Ethical with your contribution. The New York Society for Ethical Culture will verify your gift and return the form to your company, which will then issue a matching gift directly to our organization.

Memorial Wall

In 2008, the Board of Trustees approved the creation of the Memorial Wall to remember a loved one by having a plaque mounted on this wall in return for a donation to the Society of $5,000 or more. If you are interested in having a plaque created and mounted, please contact Executive Director Robert Liebeskind. He will be happy to work with you in creating the copy for the plaque.

Gifts in Kind

The Society can also use support through gifts in kind.  Computers, office supplies, and printing services are some of the things that we may need from time to time.  If you or your company has something you believe might be of value to us, contact Executive Director Robert Liebeskind for more information.