#EthicalHumans: Meet Ana, Jesus, and Marifer!

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Meet Ana, Jesus and Marifer, one of the many families that have made Ethical Culture a part of their lives.

Ana and Jesus came to the United States from Mexico in 1995 after Jesus was accepted into a PhD program. That move eventually took them from Southern California to New York City when Jesus accepted a job at NYU.

The pursuit of knowledge has always been a huge part of Ana and Jesus’ lives, and they wanted to pass that on to their seven-year old daughter, Marifer They heard about Ethical NYC’s Ethics for Children Program and, wanting to teach their then 3-year-old daughter about ethics and social justice issues, enrolled her. Since joining the changes have been noticeable. Ana cited a time when Marifer went up to someone on the street who littered and told them to pick it up because it’s not good for the environment. Marifer, initially shy, is quite outspoken now. She says of the program “Not only is it fun, it’s ethical! It teaches you about doing good things, things to do about the environment, peace, and so much more.” She eagerly joined with her parents and other families in the program in the recent Women’s March.

While Marifer enjoys the Ethics for Children program, her parents also find fulfillment through ethics. Jesus takes part in the Speaking of Science series, while Ana volunteers at the women’s shelter. It’s all part of the family’s commitment to put other people first. “We’re not isolated from the suffering of those less fortunate,” Ana said.” Seeing the homeless around New York, we’re able to go up to them and ask if they are okay…and then discuss later what we can do as a family to help them.”

For embodying the spirit of ethics, Ana, Jesus and Marifer show how we can make an impact if we just take a little time to learn. For more information about our Ethical Humans and the Ethics for Children program, visit our Youth and Family page.

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