#EthicalHumans: Meet Chuck!

By November 27, 2017 May 20th, 2019 No Comments

Meet Chuck, a retired physician, bioethicist, co-founder of the United Nations’ Global Bioethics Initiative and the latest in our Ethical Humans series. He became interested in humanism and non-traditional religions after leaving Orthodox Judaism. Once he and his wife, Pat, found, “the wonderful landmark building on the corner of Central Park West” that housed the New York Society for Ethical Culture, they never left.

Chuck incorporates the tenets of Ethical Culture and humanism into his daily life and career through the Global Bioethics Initiative at the UN. He co-founded GBI to foster awareness of bioethical issues and bring a secular voice to the UN, where divisions based on religious factions made problem solving difficult. The organization deals in a variety of bioethical issues, including end-of-life care.

Ethical Culture is not about telling someone their religion is wrong. It’s about examining specific aspects of religion and working with them to best serve the community. For bringing a voice based on science and reason to the United Nations, Chuck stands out as one of New York’s most vital Ethical Humans.

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Who is the most ethical human you know? Tell us in the comments and use the hashtag #EthicalHumans. One winner will be selected to receive two free tickets to our Holiday concert on December 2 with the award-winning group, “Us the Duo.”

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