#EthicalHumans: Meet Ellen and Richard!

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Meet Ellen and Richard, two of New York Society for Ethical Culture’s oldest members and the latest subjects of our Ethical Humans series exploring the impact of ethics in society. The couple first met while on a skiing trip but it was Ethical Culture that sealed their bond. Richard introduced Ellen to the Society in 1964 after hearing about it on WQXR. One year later, they said “I do” in the historic building.

Ethics have been a part of Ellen and Richard’s life ever since. When they moved to New Jersey in 1973, they joined the Bergen Society for Ethical Culture, and had their children attend the Society’s Sunday School. Ellen also served as President of the American Ethical Union and works with the League of Women Voters. She was instrumental in their push to remove the death penalty.

Ethics bought Ellen and Richard together and it’s one of the reasons they have been happily married for 53 years. Want to learn from their example? Start by finding your passion. Ellen says: “Find something you believe in, even if you don’t think you’ll make an impact. It’s so important to have something in life that inspires you.” For embodying this philosophy, Ellen and Richard are not only committed to each other, but committed to a life of ethics.

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Who is the most ethical human you know? Tell us in the comments on Instagram and Facebook and use hashtag #EthicalHumans. One winner will be selected to receive a signed copy of Speaking of Ethics: Living a Humanist Life by Ethical NYC Leader Dr. Joe Chuman.

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