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Friday, July 22 at Noon: Climate Emergency Day

By July 17, 2022No Comments

From our friends at the Climate Clock:

Friday, July 22, 2022 is the first official “Climate Emergency Day” when people across the world will observe a global moment of silence to mark the moment The Climate Clock counts down from 7 years to 6 years, and make a #MyClimateResolution to take bolder action in the next year.

If you’re in New York, please join us at the Big Clock in Union Square from 11:30am-12:15pm :

During the moment of silence, people will take stock of what’s at stake, and then make a clear commitment to what they will do in the next year to meet our climate deadline. And then share their commitments — their Climate Resolutions — in person and on social media under the hashtags #ActInTime and #MyClimateResolution.

Make. Every. Year. Count.

The day will ignite greater awareness of our urgent climate crisis, and further pressure world leaders to act in time to curb global CO2 emissions, in line with their commitments to the Paris Agreement to keep global warming below 1.5°C.

The Day is an opportunity for climate activists and groups like yourselves to highlight your key message. Here’s how to participate:

1. RALLY YOUR PEOPLE: Use this moment to amplify YOUR message. Name the climate goals we must accomplish in this next year in order to meet our Climate Deadline, and invite people to join in that effort.

2. MAKE A PERSONAL #MyClimateResolution: Ask yourself two questions: What is at stake? What am I going to do about it? And declare your climate resolution on social media with the hashtag #MyClimateResolution. Here’s a sample:

The #ClimateClock will soon countdown to less than 7 years. Every year must matter. #MyClimateResolution this year: Get everyone I know to move our money out of the four biggest banks (Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, and Wells Fargo) that fund the fossil fuel industry. Let’s #ActInTime.

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