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Green Halloween

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Lean towards GREEN… Wean towards Green….


(This is a letter you are invited to share with others: intended for learning communities of all kinds, conscious schools, teachers, families, ethical leaders ….)

Dear ethics-aspiring folks, climate-justice activists, parents and educators, far and wide, 

Unpacking climate-justice activism for some very practical CAN-DO’s for kids to achieve is important. For one thing, people need empowerment in the face of the Climate Crisis’ dire information.  Both empowerment and potentially SOLUTIONS come from DEED.  Most immediately, let’s commit to something we can all immediately take action to change:
greening our family practices of celebration.



This is an invitation to approach all holidays with creativity and rigor necessary to keep our carbon-footprint minimal. To go beyond RRR thinking and REIMAGINE & RE-PSYCH-ALL.
The most challenging part is this:
     RESIST! Redirect shopping from quick easy one-time-use prefab items (hard to reprocess), to sustainable options.  For example, do not BUY a costume forHalloween.
      CREATE!  Challenge your family and friends to join you in making the coolest costumes ever out of recycled,  reused, reimagined materials — including past costumes, collected egg cartons, etc!
      And PLAY! Make gatherings and games among your friends for the most creative ways to use an eggshell carton, plastic bottles, take-out-food containers, old clothes.

Many of us humans participate regularly in many green practices, yet when it comes to celebrating holidays, these values go on pause.  Think of Halloween, birthdays, other gifting occasions and holidays.  Like a blink of an eye within a steady gaze, we barely notice our own glitch in green behaviors on each holiday. Yet  holiday celebrants create as much trash on earth in a day as they tried to avoid creating all month long. And then, to top it off, they often throw it away more quickly and less carefully.  Instead, honor your month of green-efforts, with green celebrations.

The Big Picture

How can “being Green” ultimately become more fun, more joy filled, more cool?  Please brainstorm this question with your friends and families.
      Fun may sound like a frivolous measure – but it drives so much of our human behavior, and so much of our buying of single-use items.  Alas, the drive to shop, unbridled, is at the heart of the drive to trash. On top of that, a whole marketing industry, employing many of our top creative minds, goes into making each item on a shelf hard to resist!
      In honor of the climate justice movement, make Climate Justice the new “True North” on your moral compass.  This will compel decisions you make to go through the litmus test of: “This helps me but does it help the Earth?”
One way to think about costuming is through exaggeration… so, notice what you naturally have accumulating…. for example: toilet paper rolls and then use lots of them, attaching them with strings…  for… a wild wig…. Medusa?  With lots of old records… be the queen of rock and roll!
We have to support each other!
A. Tools: Scroll down for collections of RRR costume-ideas and links.
B. Showcase: You may send a picture of your RRR costume to us and we will post it on the blog in a “RRR-costume photo exhibit!”
C. On Halloween, don’t forget to tell everyone you see who DID make their costume, “Bravo!” 
What you put attention towards, can grow!
D.  Make “Green” FUN !!

Imagine the earth thanking you.

Young Ethical Explorers
Ethical Culture NYC

Below are some links to explore for GREEN HALLOWEEN COSTUMING!!!!

Audrey Kindred

Audrey Kindred

Audrey Kindred leads programming for youth and families at Ethical NYC

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