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Leader Lunch Discussion Topics for January 2010

By December 21, 2009No Comments

On Thursdays at noon in the Elliott Library, Room 507, at the NY Society, join me for a discussion on the following topics:

1/7 – Juvenile Justice
articles from The NY Times, “De-Criminalizing Children” editorial 12/17/09, and “Frontline” at

1/14 – Immigration Ills
articles from The NY Times, “Immigration and Emigration” updated 8/11/09, and “A Family Divided by 2 Words, Legal and Illegal” by David Gonzalez dated 4/26/09

1/21 – Health Care Havoc
article from The Atlantic 9/09 by David Goldhill, “How American Health Care Killed MY Father”

1/28 – Medical Marijuana
transcript from CBS News dated 11/9/09 at
“Should Pot Be Legal?” and “Inside Holland’s ‘Half Baked’ Pot Policy”

Folders with relevant articles are available in the Leaders’ office.

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