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New York Daily News: Providers, Activists Gearing Up for Influx of Women Seeking Abortions in New York

By May 9, 2022 No Comments

Leader Dr. Nori Rost spoke to the New York Daily News about our own preparations, and those of our allies, to help women whose access to abortion is threatened by the projected overturning of Roe v. Wade:

Nori Rost, who leads the New York Society for Ethical Culture, said New Yorkers have to get creative in its quest to maintain reproductive rights.

“It’s just been a flurry of activity in the wake of this draft,” Rost said of the New York branch of the society, and ethical centers around the country.

Ethical centers are encouraging people to donate morning after or Plan B medications which the societies would distribute to women seeking drug-induced medical abortions.

“In places like New York, we’re encouraging members of the ethical societies to be host homes and provide a place to stay for people coming here to access abortions,” Rost said.

New York’s society is also weighing plans to expand an eight-bed shelter that now houses homeless women two days a week for use by women traveling to the city for abortions. Rost said the shelter might be expanded and opened five days a week, and added that the society is seeking other ways to house out-of-state women.

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