THE NEW YORK SOCIETY FOR ETHICAL CULTURE is a Humanist community dedicated to ethical relationships, social justice, and environmental stewardship since 1876. We celebrate life’s joys, support each other through life’s challenges, and work together to build a more just world.

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Youth & Family March 7, 2021

Meet the YEE DEED LEADERS & CONTRIBUTORS! and help meet YEE’s GOAL: $2021

For Women's History Month... Help YEE reach a fundraising goal!  YEE is so close! There's no…
Sunday Platform March 7, 2021

Kim Kashkashian: “Music for Food”

Music for Food founder and artistic director Kim Kashkashian joined us to discuss the initiative…
Youth & Family March 4, 2021

ETHICAL Invitations for YOUTH: Teens & Tweens

Dear YOUth!  ~~~  Tweens and Teens ~~~human-beings in the second decade of life! And of…
Youth & Family March 2, 2021

Claudette Colvin Day — A Cross-Racial Collaboration that CHANGED the Story…. “History”

IT'S Claudette Colvin DAY! One year ago, in pre-pandemic times, ETHICAL held its first annual…
Youth & Family March 2, 2021
Sunday March 7th: FIRST SUNDAY ~ an Intergenerational Day!
Announcements March 1, 2021
Friday 3/5: American Slavery Project’s “yOU CaN TAke ouT a PArEnT pLUs lOan” Performance & Talkback
Announcements March 1, 2021
March Theme: Women’s Rights are Human Rights
Leader Messages March 1, 2021

VISIT our landmark meeting house for inspiring Sunday gatherings, enriching workshops, youth and family activities, Ethical Action service projects, and world-class entertainment. Then, learn more about joining our community.

Caring Committee Living Room (Online)

Stop by the Caring Committee’s staffed “living room” on Zoom. It’s an open space people can pop into whenever they need to chat. Click here to join us!| ID 820...

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Ethics in the News: “Is It Really Our ‘Destiny’ To Run the World?” (Online)

Join in the lively give-and-take on compelling issues and current events and bring your own ideas. Member Joe Fashing moderates. Suggested readings: "America Has No Reason to Be So Powerful"...

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Midweek Meditation (Online)

A midweek meditation for relaxing body and mind. Larry Hurst moderates. Click here to join at start time | ID 814 7073 5630 | Passcode 158119 For complete join details,...

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