THE NEW YORK SOCIETY FOR ETHICAL CULTURE is a Humanist community dedicated to ethical relationships, social justice, and environmental stewardship since 1876. We celebrate life’s joys, support each other through life’s challenges, and work together to build a more just world.

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Ethical Outlook Newsletter October 28, 2020

Ethical Outlook Newsletter – November 2020

Our November Ethical Outlook newsletter is now available. Click here to explore the great online…
Announcements October 26, 2020

Sunday 11/1: “The Girl in the Yellow Poncho” w/ Kristal Zook

This talk is from a memoir-in-progress. It sheds light on the increasingly relevant topic of…
Sunday Platform October 25, 2020

Richard Koral: “The True Cost of Inequality”

Extremes of wealth and poverty are more than merely the range of free market experience.…
Sunday Platform October 18, 2020

Pavlina Tcherneva: “The Case for a Job Guarantee”

One of the most enduring ideas in economics is that unemployment is both unavoidable and…
Announcements October 13, 2020
Join American Ethical Union Anti-Racism Book Discussions in October
Sunday Platform October 11, 2020
Joe Chuman: “The ‘Exceptional Nation’ Examines Itself”
Announcements October 6, 2020
Tonight: “Voting Rights: The Struggle to be Counted 1619-2014” October 6 with Phil Portlock
Sunday Platform October 4, 2020
Kay J. Maxwell: “The League of Women Voters: Education and Advocacy”

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Caring Committee Living Room (Online)

Stop by the Caring Committee’s staffed “living room” on Zoom. It’s an open space people can pop into whenever they need to chat. Click here to join us!| ID 820...

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Proactive Meditation and Deep Listening (Online)

In this guided experiential session, we first take time to relax body and mind in order to sense how we really are in each moment. We allow ourselves to focus...

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Sunday Platform – Kristal Zook: “The Girl in the Yellow Poncho” (Online)

This talk is from a memoir-in-progress. It sheds light on the increasingly relevant topic of growing up multiracial in America.The Girl in the Yellow Poncho is the story of a...

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