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THE NEW YORK SOCIETY FOR ETHICAL CULTURE is a humanist community dedicated to ethical relationships, social justice, and environmental stewardship for over 142 years. We celebrate life’s joys, support each other through life’s challenges, and work together to build a more just world.

News from the Ethical Forefront

Announcements December 9, 2019

Job Announcement: Ethical NYC Seeks New Leader

As our current Leader Dr. Anne Klaeysen sets her sights on retirement this fall, The…
Videos December 1, 2019

Burt Neuborne: When at Times the Mob is Swayed

Drawing on my 55 years as a civil liberties lawyer (I appeared in my first…
Videos November 24, 2019

Jeff Berardelli – The Climate Challenge: An Ethical Journey

Last year, driven by a moral and ethical desire to use his platform to educate…
Ethical Outlook Newsletter November 20, 2019

December Outlook Now Available

Our December Ethical Outlook newsletter is now available. Click here to check out the great…
Videos November 17, 2019
Fair Share Giving Luncheon Community Sunday
Videos November 11, 2019
The Cult of Trump: An Interview with Author Steven Hassan
Videos November 3, 2019
Carola Otero Bracco: How National Immigration Policies Are Affecting Our Community
Press November 1, 2019
The Atlantic: How Friendship Changes at the End of Life

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Lunchtime Roundtable: Issues Worth Talking About – Racism in America: 1619-Today – Contemporary Perspectives

This is a big topic in a short month.  If you can only read and consider some of the pieces, you’re still welcome to attend the discussion.  Most readings are...

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Ethics and the Theater: Daniel’s Husband by Michael McKeever

“Daniel wants to get married. Mitchell, his partner of seven years, doesn’t. Their differing opinions are merely small irritants in an otherwise perfect relationship — until an unforeseen event forces...

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Big Apple Knitters Guild

The Big Apple Knitters Guild is a diverse community of knitters. Based in Manhattan, our members hail from all across the metropolitan and tri-state areas and beyond. The Big Apple...

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