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Anne Klaeysen: “How to Live a Good Life: An Ethical Culture Perspective”

By August 15, 2020September 25th, 2020No Comments

In January, a thought-provoking and wide-ranging collection of essays, “How to Live a Good Life,” was published. One of the editors, Massimo Pigliucci, a Stoic scholar whose presentations at the NY Society are very popular, tasked me to write about Ethical Culture. In my contribution, I explore key concepts and some history of our non-theistic religion of ethics. In this platform address, I’ll share these with you, answer your questions, and reflect upon the challenging time in which we are living together.

Anne Klaeysen is Leader Emerita of the NY Society for Ethical Culture, Humanist Chaplain at New York University, and Ethical Humanist Religious Life Adviser at Columbia University. She serves on the boards of the Ethical Culture Fieldston Schools and The Encampment for Citizenship. Anne holds a Doctor of Ministry degree in pastoral care and counseling from Hebrew Union College. She and her husband, Glenn Newman, were married at the Brooklyn Society and raised their children, Andrew and Emily, there.

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