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Bart Worden – Living Positively: How Ethical Humanism Helps Navigate Troubled Waters

By June 30, 2019July 8th, 2019No Comments

When people are divided and in conflict it can be difficult to maintain a positive stance in living. This is especially true today when political, cultural, and economic strife are prevalent. At our June 30, 2019 Sunday Platform, Bart Worden, Executive Director for the American Ethical Union, talked about how Ethical Humanism can help us address the challenges we face as we strive to live ethically and work to build a caring and just society for all.

Bart Worden has been the Executive Director of the American Ethical Union, the national federation of Ethical Culture and Ethical Humanist Societies, since June of 2012, and is also the Clergy Leader for the Ethical Culture Society of Westchester in White Plains. Bart is, in addition, a Social Worker who has worked with programs that help people recover from psychiatric disability. In his role as executive director, Bart has been working to raise the public profile of the Ethical Movement and Ethical Societies, grow the movement through the formation of new Ethical Humanist groups, expand program and training services for Ethical Societies and their members, and develop avenues for fundraising to ensure a firm financial footing for the Ethical Movement.

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