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Charles Moore: The Soul of Rehabilitation Through the Arts

By May 26, 2024No Comments

Rehabilitation Through the Arts alumnus and Director of Programs and Operations Charles Moore joined us to give a brief intro of himself and RTA, and present a short film called, “The Soul of RTA” which showcased the RTA’s arts-in-prison program.

Launched at Sing Sing Correctional Facility in 1996, Rehabilitation Through the Arts (RTA) is a world leader in arts-in-corrections teaching communication, collaboration, problem-solving and other critical life skills through a unique mix of art forms.

With our new reentry program, Reimagining Myself®, RTA prepares incarcerated people approaching release for the social and emotional challenges they will likely face when transitioning back to their communities.

Now operating in Westchester, Ulster, Sullivan, Dutchess and Erie counties, RTA is expanding its transformative work to prisons throughout NYS, including facilities in under-resourced areas.

RTA’s ongoing success is proof that restorative, cost effective programming works. Less than 3% of RTA members return to prison, compared to the national recidivism rate of 60%.

About Charles Moore

Charles Moore is the Director of Programs & Operations. He is the first RTA alumnus to be hired to work full time for the organization. He oversees program planning and management in all the facilities where RTA operates. He audits workshops, coordinates alumni projects, and manages the organization’s in-prison steering committees. Charles holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Mercy University and a Master’s in Professional Studies from New York Theological Seminary.

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