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Donna Minkowitz – Atheism and the Alt-Right: A Horrible Confluence

By June 9, 2019July 8th, 2019No Comments

The atheist community is often assumed be liberal. But in the past decades, prominent atheist and self-styled “pro-science” writers like Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and the late Christopher Hitchens have embraced views on race, gender, and Islam promulgated by the two overlapping wings of the alt -right, the misogynist “men’s rights movement” and white nationalism. And the alt-right has made a a concerted effort to organize atheists, especially men. How can progressive atheists and humanists fight this very disturbing trend? Donna Minkowitz examined these two intersecting movements at our Sunday Platform.

Donna Minkowitz has reported on the white nationalist movement and the alt-right for The Nation, Slate, The Forward, and elsewhere. A former columnist for the Village Voice, she has covered the American right wing for three decades.

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