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Ethics Unplugged: Ethics and Kink with Maij Vu Mai, Part 1

By May 24, 2023May 30th, 2023No Comments

At this week’s Ethics Unplugged we were joined by Maij Vu Mai, also known as Jinx, who discussed the ethics and values of the sex-kink culture and BDSM community. Join us for Part 2 next week!

Maij Vu Mai, also known as Jinx (they/he/sib/homie/fam) is a powerful Black Viet Trans Queer Neurodivergent MaGe who is devoted to creating radical healing spaces where marginalized folks (primarily Queer & Trans/Gender Expansive folks, Black folks, Folks of Color, Disabled folks, Neurodivergent/expansive folks, & Sluts/ Sex/ Sensuality Practitioners) can tap into their own alchemical power and knowledge ecosystems.

Featuring music by Lindsey Wilson!

May’s Theme: Wild and Holy Embodiment

Join Ethics Unplugged in may as we focus on embodied pleasure. Often, it’s easy for folx engaged in social justice activism to get caught up in the pursuit of justice and forget to appreciate what it means to be embodied and the pleasure we can find in our flesh and bones. This month we’ll explore some of the more radical ways our bodies can delight us, as well as explore the power of pleasure in the many forms it reveals itself to us as embodied beings. As always, we will bring the hermeneutics of ethics to these conversations, remembering there is an ethical practice in the most radical spaces, to engage the most revolutionary acts of pleasure.

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