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Howard Yaruss: Understandable Economics

By May 4, 2023May 18th, 2023No Comments

Although many economists may be reluctant to admit it, economics is not a scientific discipline which requires expert knowledge and specialized tools. Like psychology, economics is a social science, an attempt to understand human interactions and how they affect the world around us. It focuses on those relationships as they relate to money and the things money buys. In order to tease out some precision regarding those relationships, economists use data and mathematical tools. But the fundamental relationships can become apparent to anyone willing to observe the world carefully and apply their own common sense. The goal of this talk is to help participants do just that.

Howard Yaruss joined us to discuss our economy and his new book, Understandable Economics (Prometheus Books, 2022), which breaks down our economic system in a straightforward way, avoiding jargon, formulas, graphs, and other technical material so common in books on this subject. In particular, he will discuss some common economic myths regarding money and business and show how they can easily be demystified. For example, he will discuss misunderstandings many people have about cryptocurrencies, economic growth, the national debt, the tax system, the Fed, and inflation.

Read the Kirkus review of Howard’s “impressively clear presentation that should prove useful to those looking for a one-stop primer.”

Howard Yaruss is an economist, professor, attorney, businessman, and activist who greatly enjoys explaining complex issues in a clear, interesting and accessible way. He has taught a variety of economics and business courses and currently teaches at New York University. Previously, he served as General Counsel of Radian Group, one of the largest guarantors of debt in the world. He has also served on the Boards of organizations that advocate for safer streets, help the homeless and support the arts. He lives on the Upper West Side and serves on our local community board.

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