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Joe Chuman: To Whom are Humanists Accountable?

By June 16, 2019July 8th, 2019No Comments

For those who are traditional religious believers all things ultimately emanate from God. Life is lived in response to the will and commandments of the Creator. But for those who do not affirm a belief in a Supreme Being, to whom are we accountable?

Some might argue that we are devoted foremost to our own self-realization, and we are therefore accountable to our own fulfillment and happiness above all things. Others, decrying the implicit egoism of that direction, might argue that we are accountable most of all to our fellow human beings and their wellbeing. But, if so, to whom? Those closest to us, or to all, known and unknown to us?

Still other humanists might contend that our highest allegiance is to our conscience. High-minded, to be sure. But what are we do to when being loyal to our conscience results in harm to others?

At this June 16, 2019 Sunday Platform, Leader Dr. Joe Chuman dug deeply into these questions that a humanist orientation places before us.

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