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Jackie Rowe-Adams: Safety in Our Communities

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Violent crimes threaten our communities and rob our society of promising young people and decent citizens at alarming numbers each year. Prior to and continuing through the pandemic, the violence in our city has risen and continues to rise every day. This is due to guns being trafficked to our great city. To end gun violence, we need to support of the New York State Kingpin Gun Legislation [A674 (Paulin)/S6649 (Jackson) of 2019]. We must urge the state legislature to take swift and certain action immediately and contact our NY State Legislator to pass this into law.

Jackie Rowe-Adams is a life-long resident of Harlem. After losing two sons to gun violence, she co-founded Harlem Mothers S.A.V.E. to end this dreaded scourge in the community. Jackie is President of Local 299 and serves on the Advisory Board of New York City Division of Youth & Community Development’s Department of Youth Services, as well as the boards of the Addicts Rehabilitation Center, Harlem Week, Inc. and Project Harmony. She has served on several community boards including the Civic Association Serving Harlem Health Care Network, has worked with the Police Athletic League and the City of New York Parks and Recreation Department, and is a member of the Mid-Manhattan NAACP. She has received numerous awards and citations for her social activism.

Jackie has worked with youth and seniors as a music specialist with Parks and Recreation since 1986, and in 1996 started the non-profit organization Talented Seniors and Youth on the Move, Inc., which provides performance opportunities and college scholarships. She appeared in the Off- Broadway musical, “Mama, I Want to Sing,” and has sung the National Anthem at Shea Stadium and at the opening of the Special Senior Olympics in Syracuse.

Sunday Platform is our most important and long-standing community event. These gatherings educate, stimulate personal growth, inspire reflection and action, and strengthen our community. Sunday meetings usually begin with music, followed by greetings and a talk given by a Society Leader, member, or guest.  Platforms cover a variety of topics that reflect current events, pressing social issues, and Ethical Culture philosophy. A collection basket is passed and money is shared between the Society and a charity selected for that day.  While contributions are always appreciated, Sunday meetings are free and open to the public.  Each Sunday meeting is followed by a luncheon and social hour.

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