Stephanie McGraw: From Dirt to Destiny

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From Dirt to Destiny is about my struggles as a woman of color growing up in poverty, growing up in lack with poor education, no sense of direction, no goals, my failures and my successes.

What my journey has proven to show me is it doesn’t matter how far down you go, there is always a light or something bright that can guide us out, and that light found me and guided me out.

Stephanie McGraw grew up in New York City Housing Authority projects and experienced abuse as a child and intimate partner violence as an adult. Surviving 30 years of abusive relationships and a resulting stay in a domestic violence shelter, there came a time in her life where there was a growing, burning desire to help victims journey from devastation to safety and independence.

Leaving the domestic violence shelter and growing out of her pain, Stephanie returned to her Harlem roots, where there was no one talking about real life issues related to domestic violence. As a result, she gave birth to WARM – We All Really Matter (a 501c non-profit organization) in 2010 to increase community awareness about domestic violence, and to empower victims to help themselves.

While what Stephanie does radiates from an internal fire rather than external recognition, she is grateful and further strengthened by the multiple recognitions about her work from NYC elected officials, community organizations, NYPD, newspapers, TV stations, and hospitals; as well as from the New York State Senate and the United Nations.

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