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El Salto: The Day After Abortion Ceased to Be a Constitutional Right in the United States

By June 29, 2022No Comments

Leader Nori Rost spoke with Spain’s El Salto (translated) about the overturning of Roe v. Wade and the fight ahead:

The answers are also coming from secular organizations that are reacting fast. Nori Rost came out of the closet in 1978. She was 16 years old and lived in the state of Kansas, chatty and very rural. She is now the president of the New York Ethical Society, a secular alternative to religion, based on ethics and values. “Although we are going backwards, the difference between before Roe v. Wade and now the women weren’t getting proper medical care and they were alone and embarrassed in the process.” Rost explains that after the court’s decision, he wants to create a network between the different cultural societies and universal Unitarian churches, so that women who are in states that have lost their access to abortion can access funds and help with travel and housing. , and come to a state that allows it like New York.

Read the full story here. (Translated)

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