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Feb. 16 – The Biologist in Cell Block 3: Science and Civil Disobedience in a Time of Climate Emergency

By February 3, 2020February 7th, 2020No Comments

Don’t miss our February 16th Sunday Platform, as biologist and author Dr. Sandra Steingraber presents: “The Biologist in Cell Block 3: Science and Civil Disobedience in a Time of Climate Emergency.”

The active refusal of a citizen to obey certain laws or commands of a government—civil disobedience—is both a deeply personal act of individual conscience and a powerful political tactic. Dr. Steingraber will explore the history of civil disobedience as a response to social injustice and its current practice as a tool of fossil fuel resistance within the climate justice movement.

Speaking both as a PhD ecologist and a civil disobedient, Sandra Steingraber will argue that civil disobedience can open a cultural and political space for science to speak. Readings from personal essays composed while speaker was incarcerated are interwoven throughout the talk.

Biologist, author, and cancer survivor, Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D. writes about climate change, ecology, and the links between human health and the environment. Recognized for her ability to serve as a two-way translator between scientists and activists, Dr. Steingraber has keynoted conferences on human health and the environment throughout the United States and Canada and has been invited to lecture at many medical schools, hospitals, and universities–including Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, and the Woods Hole Research Center. She has testified in the European Parliament, at the European Commission, before the President’s Cancer Panel, and has participated in briefings to Congress, the Environmental Protection Agency, and before United Nations delegates in Geneva, Switzerland.

For more information about this event, visit our calendar.

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