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Calendar: Young Ethical Explorers: Join the Joy!

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Calendar 2022

Scroll down for upcoming Sundays,


Dive into your family’s Ethical Intentions — individually and collectively. Families may root deeper in their values and grow support through this ETHICAL COMMUNITY.  All families are welcome to get involved with our programming, without any financial barriers.
RSVP is essential for planning purposes.
     a. YEE encourages participants to come as consistently as they can — this is of great value, in building ethical friendships and experiencing the true value of community.  Per
     b. Families are encouraged to seek Ethical Membership, by attending a “new comers orientation” and by reaching out to our Membership Director Maggie Determann, at
     c. Non-member families are invited to offer free-will donations toward the program, if they choose to. No fee is charged for those who come, with RSVP.
YEE:  Jan. 2 at 11am
(note:  a VIRTUAL DAY! ~~~ To participate, RSVP to for Zoom Link)
Also, note no FIRST SUNDAYS EVENT in the afternoon)
This month is named after the ancient Roman God of doorways, JANUS, a two faced figure who looks back and forward at once!  “Open Door Day!”  All ages of children. New-comers! Old-timers!  Gather ON ZOOM for a New Year’s Project. Please bring paper and drawing/coloring implements.
YEE:  Jan. 8 at 11am
THE MOVEMENTS… upon whose shoulders we stand!  YEE will reflect upon the powerful movements of justice and fairness that have come before us… and carry them forth through our own project.
YEE:  Jan. 15 at 11am
Dr. King’s Birthday. A profound day for serious DREAM-WORK and DEED.
YEE:  Jan. 22 at 11am
ECO-writing workshop led by Deepali Srivastava of Writefully Ours: This is part of a monthly Eco-writing series!
This session will focus on Comic book writing:  What’s your ‘ELEMENT’ary superpower? Young writers will develop a story about a superhero with secret superpowers to protect Planet Earth. We will focus on creative character and plot development as every superhero tackles an environmental issue they care about.
YEE:  January 30:
MUSIC-MAKING for GOODNESS’ SAKE: come be part of the band to create joyful ethical expression. Learn new songs from the great history of justice-music! Bring a JUSTICE song to share! Create a new song to share your values!

Friendship February!

Faatiha Aayat, from CHIL&D
February 6th

YEE:  11am ~ Friendship February welcomes us to invite a friend to Ethical this month…
all-ages circle of new and old friends gather for peaceful play!
             stay for lunch and…
1:30 ~  First Sundays Event:
“Youth voices for an Ethical Future” with special guest, child activist:  Faatiha Aayat.
YEE:  Feb. 13,  11am
Commemorating the loss of an Ethical Culture organizer, Law’nence Miller. Contemplating the wholeness of a life lived  in great service to the Ethical community and mission.
YEE:  Feb. 20
11am ~ Eco-writing

Deepali Srivastava of Writefully Ours leads an eco writing series, through the season on the 3rd Sunday of each month:

         Breaking News!: Write an exciting and informative news report on animal sightings!  It could unfold in your neighborhood, on a trip, in Central Park or during coronavirus lockdowns. We’ll give picture prompts, young writers will create their own headlines, photo captions, and write stories complete with interviews and eye witness accounts.
YEE:  Feb. 27
11am ~ Claudette Colvin Club! This is a Racial Justice gathering to reflect on Black History Month, and let our collective learning inspire the fair future we are committed to! Exploring important new books about Racial Justice and Hidden Figures! If you have a book you’d like to show and share, bring it!

“Mindful March”

March 6

YEE: 11am: A creative morning! Making a video together of a song (which you can practice in advance!) LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH, for the Gandhi/King Season for Nonviolence….

1:30 Intergenerational event:  First Sundays
event (in person and virtual)
Featuring author: Anastasia Higginbotham reading “NOT MY IDEA… A story about whiteness
Participatory invitation: Homemade poster pictures of cross-racial friendships
YEE:  March 13: 11am:
A day of PI and PIE.
YEE SUNDAY: March 20, 11am:
Eco-writing #3 with Deepali Srivastava of Writefully Ours
Bring an eco-friend!
“Once upon a time in the Amazon Rainforest: Write a story to save the Great Kapok Tree from the perspective of an Amazon rainforest animal. Do you want to be a slithering slimy snake,  a buzzing busy bee or a shiny spotted Jaguar? Does your story have a happy ending?”
Special solstice sharing of art, dance, poetry, song...

Jody Sperling/TimeLapse Dance

YEE: March 27: 11am:  YEE will commemorate the 111th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911.  We will learn about activists past and present, as we learn about and engage in the CHALKING DEED.



Intergenerational Spring Festival Day

SUNDAY April 3rd
11:30am.  “A Force of Nature ~ Humanity”
— learning about connectedness from the wind and the trees.
Featuring Jody Sperling’s Timelapse Dance, Hosted by Young Ethical Explorers and
                           stay for lunch and then:  
1:30 First Sundays:
Wangari World!  A birthday party honoring the complete life and infinite inspiration of Wangari Muta Maathai, tree hero,  environmental peace scientist, leader of the Greenbelt Movement (April 1, 1940-September 25, 2011), Nobel Peace Recipient (2004) … we will be collaborating creatively toward an understanding of Wangari’s profound gift to the eco-peace-movement.
YEE:  April 10 11am.   Eco-writing Workshop with Deepali Srivastava of Writefully Ours. Naturally! It’s time to write, again! This time we focus on: Poetry in Nature: A poem is built around words, not sentences. Serious or funny, long or short, rhyming or not, it can take any shape or form. It always expresses personal thoughts and feelings.
YEE:  April 17, 11am ALL ON ZOOM TODAY!  RSVP to Join Zoom Meeting
Many families have a school vacation at this time.  So, we will be meeting ONLY VIRTUALLY ON ZOOM THIS WEEK.  We will be preparing for our upcoming EARTH DAY PROJECT, by planting metaphorical thought-seeds, to grow Peace.  We will be “rooting in humanism” — the central unifying vision of Ethical Culture!  We will be learning about the history of Earth day to get ready for next week!

YEE:  April 24:  Earth Day Project!

“We’ve got the whole world in our hands” and YEE’ve got some very special plans in store!


May 1, YEE and First Sunday Event
11am YEE: May Day as Play Day!
Play is often described as the work of childhood. YEE will have an open conversation about the challenges of play… then grow our toolbox of solutions…And get right to the work of it — hopefully supported by the beautiful weather of spring time on our amazing rooftop.
1:00 pm. First Sundays’ Event:   Expressing Nature Through Art
Meet NYSEC  Eco-artist-in-residence, “eco-kinetic” dance maker Jody Sperling and her “eco-acoustic“ collaborator Matthew Burtner as they address issues of climate change through Art making. Come explore nature’s  movements and sounds in innovative, active ways!
May 8 ~~~ No session for YEE on this day. We are doing a field trip on Saturday May 7th instead.
BUT FOR ALL OF YOU AT HOME… Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrate motherhood!  Happy Nurture Day!
Children may turn the table today, to find creative ways to express gratitude and helpfulness towards their nurturers! Create Family Portraits as a Mother’s Day Gift! And as part of National Book Week, you may even want to begin authoring our own story about how your family takes care of each other… a NURTURE story.
May 15
AIDS WALK NYC: Ethical Community is invited to sponsor YEE’s deed-walk!  Early Birds can start the walk at 9am with the crowds, but YEE will meet in front of NYSEC at 11am and walk from there into Central Park.
May 22
Eco-writing with Deepali Srivastava of Writefully Ours.
May 29:  YEE:  A Family-Ethical-Library day! We’ll be working on our library! and Making books… reading them… etc. Early RSVPs are a must, for this “long weekend”

Joyful June

June 5: 11am — YEE: Rainbow Painting to honor a choice-filled diverse society.


First Sunday’s event, (1:30pm). Intergenerational Programming to connect adults and children With Special guest: Joanna McClintick:  ‘Twas the Night Before Pride. PRIDE Activity Kits are free with RSVP.
June 12, 11am: YEE:
5th floor Early Bird Reading of Bill McGibbons book followed by 11:30 all-community platform with Bill McGibbon and the Clearwater Chorus is The Auditorium.
June 19, 11am: YEE: A father’s day outing: RSVP with interest for details
June 26, 11am: YEE:  PRIDE POSTERS! YEE will make honor the Pride March, celebrating all forms of loving families. We will make Pride Posters to celebrate the true diversity of families that make up a democracy that honors liberty, equality and justice for all!


First Sunday’s event, (1:30pm). ~~~ see poster!
Intergenerational Programming to connect adults and children
Special guest: Joanna McClintick:  ‘Twas the Night Before Pride.

Books are available to buy, at this reading and discussion with the author. PRIDE Activity Kits are free with RSVP.

June 12, 11am: YEE:
5th floor Early Bird Reading of Bill McGibbons book followed by 11:30 all-community platform with Bill McGibbon and the Clearwater Chorus is The Auditorium.
June 19, 11am: YEE: (father’s day) ~ A special story and celebration!
June 26, 11am: YEE:  Deepali Srivastava of Writefully Ours will lead a social justice themed writing workshop inspired by the diversity of humanity.

Reach out if you wish to come to YEE, or if you have any questions:

All families are welcome, beyond all belief.


All families are truly welcome at Ethical NYC!

Audrey Kindred

Audrey Kindred leads programming for youth and families at Ethical NYC

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