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The New York Society for Ethical Culture is a humanist community dedicated to ethics, social justice, and education since 1876. We celebrate life’s joys, support each other through life’s crises, and work to make the world a better place.
Come visit our landmark Meeting House for inspiring Sunday MeetingsEthical Enrichment workshopsfamily programsEthical Action projects, and many other entertaining events.
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Next Sunday Meeting

12/17/2017 - 11:00am

Join us for an intergenerational Ethical tradition of celebrating the Winter Solstice together. This year our children and member musicians will present the story of Frederick by Leo Lionni. Winter is coming, and all the mice are gathering food--except for Frederick. But when the days grow short and the snow begins to fall, it’s Frederick’s stories that warm the hearts and spirits of his fellow field mice. Hosted by Leader Anne Klaeysen.

Ethical Blog

Tuesday December 12, 2017

Meet Patty, an author, radio host, environmental activist, and the latest in our Ethical Humans series exploring the impact of ethics in society. Ever since she was five years old, Patty has been interested in the environment. She collected butterflies in her backyard and was always growing a new plant. Since then, she has turned her childhood passion into her life’s work.

Monday November 27, 2017

Meet Chuck, a retired physician, bioethicist, co-founder of the United Nations' Global Bioethics Initiative and the latest in our Ethical Humans series. He became interested in humanism and non-traditional religions after leaving Orthodox Judaism. Once he and his wife, Pat, found, “the wonderful landmark building on the corner of Central Park West” that housed the New York Society for Ethical Culture, they never left.

Friday November 17, 2017

CUNY TV's Study With The Best stopped by to learn about Humanism, our founding and history, our activism, and our unique youth and family programming. Watch now!

Wednesday November 01, 2017

Meet Steven, teacher of government, economics and sociology at Park East High School in East Harlem and member of the New York Society for Ethical Culture.

Thursday October 26, 2017

Our November 2017 Ethical Outlook newsletter is now available. Check out the great events we have coming up throughout the month!

Thursday October 26, 2017

Join us for a showing of Al Gore's new film, "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power" on November 8, 7:00pm to 9:00pm, presented by the 350NYC Climate Education Working Group and the New York Society for Ethical Culture.

Wednesday October 18, 2017

Meet Jinah Nicole Parker and the cast of SHE, a choreoplay that sheds light on sexual violence against women and girls and offers solutions through a mix of dance, drama, music and film.

Black Lives Matter

Passersby see our banner affirming that Black Lives Matter. We have a long history of fighting for social justice and are inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. We stand with our African-American sisters and brothers in the fight against racism and white supremacy.