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Anne Klaeysen: The Encampment for Citizenship Empowers Youth

By March 24, 2024No Comments

The Encampment for Citizenship (EFC) was founded in 1946 by Algernon D. Black, Leader of the New York Society for Ethical Culture (NYSEC), and member Alice K. Pollitzer, a prominent civic leader, as an opportunity for “young adults of many religious, racial, social and national backgrounds” to learn “the principles and techniques of citizenship. . . through lived experience.”

This July EFC will meet in Montgomery, Alabama, where young Encampers will learn about this community’s struggle for fair housing, equity in education, clean water access, voting rights, and resistance to Jim Crow. Together with help from guest experts, museums, and community organizers, they will analyze strategies from the Civil Rights Movement and discuss how we can find inspiration to battle the current attack on civil rights.

EFC also provides year-round programming, connecting older alums with recent ones in our intergenerational network. At this Sunday Platform several recent and past alumni gathered to share their experiences and how they are working to make a difference in the world.

About Anne Klaeysen

Dr. Anne Klaeysen is Leader Emerita of the New York Society for Ethical Culture. She is also co-chair of The Encampment for Citizenship Board. Anne holds a Doctor of Ministry degree in pastoral care and counseling from Hebrew Union College, as well as masters’ degrees in business administration and German. She and her husband, Glenn Newman, were married and raised their children at the Brooklyn Society, where Anne currently serves as vice president.

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