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Carolyn Parker: Desperately Seeking Ethical Culture

By March 10, 2024No Comments

For Carolyn, The Bibliography of Ethical Culture: 1876-2026 began as a means to learn more about the history of thought in the Movement to enhance her own Ethical growth. Her goal now is to make what she’s discovered accessible to everyone in our Movement as well as to like-hearted members of the public in anticipation of the 150th anniversary of the founding of Ethical Culture. She joined us to talk about all you ever wanted to know about bibliographies, plus the care and feeding of archives, the problem(s) of online libraries, and what the Wayback Machine tells us.

About Carolyn Parker

Dr. Carolyn A. Parker is an Ethical Culturist, coming late to the community but long holding the beliefs and values that led her to the Ethical Society of Austin and (now) the New York Society for Ethical Culture. She is an activist, with experience in advocacy at local, state, and national levels. Her education gave her a background in the liberal arts and social sciences, supporting her work in teaching, writing, and organizational management with an international perspective. Dr. Parker is currently the ESOA representative to the AEU Board and Secretary of the National Ethical Service.  She writes two blogs:  Happy(Ethical)Human and Biblioblog for Ethical Culture.

About Sunday Platform

Sunday Platform is our most important and long-standing community event. These gatherings educate, stimulate personal growth, inspire reflection and action, and strengthen our community. Sunday meetings begin with music, followed by greetings and a talk given by a Society Leader, member, or guest.  Platforms cover a variety of topics that reflect current events, pressing social issues, and Humanist philosophy. Each Sunday meeting is followed by a luncheon and social hour.

To watch previous Sunday Platforms, visit our Videos page and YouTube channel.

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