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Watch Now: 2024 Coming of Age Celebration

By May 5, 2024May 10th, 2024No Comments

Sunday, May 5 saw a New York Society for Ethical Culture community milestone, as we came together to honor “the deed of becoming” and bring our best wishes to our three wonderful youth who have grown up with us at the Society: Marifer, Gabriel, and Miles.

The celebration was led by Youth and Families Coordinator Audrey Kindred, Coming of Age Youth Leader Sarah Tielemans, and Society Leader Emerita Dr. Anne Klaeysen. It also featured special guest Julia Julstrom-Agoyo, who grew up in the Chicago Ethical Society and their Coming of Age program.

A sincere thank you to everyone who came out. If you couldn’t make it, please be sure to watch the recording at the link above, or by clicking here.

Please also watch this special conversation Audrey hosted with Marifer, Gabriel, and Miles in preparation for the Coming of Age celebration, where they spoke about their experiences at the Society and what our Young Ethical Explorers and Coming of Age programs meant to them:

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