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Ethical Recommendations: Tango Shalom

By September 2, 2021No Comments

From Leader Dr. Nori Rost and Ethical Enrichment Committee Chair Deborah Goldstein:

This weekend the movie “Tango Shalom” opens in New York City and Los Angeles. Created by the same people who brought us “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” this movie explores how an Orthodox Rabbi can ethically enter a tango competition on TV while remaining true to his religious code.

I invite you to see it, if you are comfortable. All theaters are requiring proof of vaccinations. Check out the interfaith reviews on the film’s website, including this one by Dr. Marites Guingona-Africa, Founder of The Peacemakers’ Circle Foundation, Inc. in the Philippines:

“…TANGO SHALOM is comedic, but it also inspires serious reflection on how followers of different religions can remain faithful to their respective beliefs and practices even while being accepting and respectful of each other’s differences, and engaging in harmonious relationships with one another.”

Check the website for local theaters and showtimes. If this does well during this opening weekend, it will be released nationally.

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