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Youth & Family

Families gather at Ethical NYC… COME, LIVE IN PERSON!

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Ethical NYC’s  Young Ethical Explorers
                       Invites FAMILIES to…
               RETURN IN PERSON!!!!
We want to support parents to attend the platform while offering children of every age safe fun, ethical learning and supporting  friendship and play, as much as possible. At this point, please understand that for the safety of the larger community, we are limited to opening our doors to those families whose adult’s are already vaccinated.  READ ON and please let me know if our guidelines meet your needs and how we can create the best WELCOME to support you.
NOTE: Offerings of programs such as COMING OF AGE and SOCIAL JUSTICE CLUB will unfold once our season gains it’s footing.


This is our day to welcome Dr. Nori Rost!!! And to see old friends, and make new ones!
Weather allowing, we will meet on the rooftop!


on the roof top (weather allowing) ~ meet Audrey Kindred, program leader.
    11:00 ~ Parents are welcome and supported to go to platform;  Parents may stay with YEE if they wish to.
                 GROUP WILL GATHER FOR WELCOMING project with Musician Barbara Carlson!
(We will mask to go inside for a part of this project, so we can be projected singing a welcoming song for Ethical’s new leader via ).
    12:30 ~ Parents pick up children for community lunch
                 Note: children always eat for free (donation for adult meals are encouraged)
                           — a lunch table will be designated for families,
                           — families may also make picnics on the playground.
 Children may be on the playground with at least one volunteer-parent with them — parents may take turns with this responsibility.
     1:45-2pm ~ Collaborative play-space clean up, and friendly goodbye’s.
1. RSVP’s are essential for planning in these times.
Please RSVP as early as you can and no later than Friday for the Sunday gathering.
2. Ethical is limiting adult attendance to those who are vaccinated for COVID 19.
3. Because most children are not yet vaccinated, we will follow COVID protocols including:
     Masking as much as possible — especially indoors.
     Maintaining physical spaciousness (3 feet recommended)
     Sanitizing regularly.
4.  Wear masks, (and bring extras)
PARENTS ~ please chime in!
Say your needs and hopes!
Invite a friend-family to join you at ETHICAL NYC!  Just forward them the two flyers below. 
Audrey Kindred

Audrey Kindred leads programming for youth and families at Ethical NYC

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