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Young Ethical Explorers First Sunday Festival: July 4th for ALL!

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July 4 |1:30 – 3pm |Zoom

Young Ethical Explorers invites the Ethical Diaspora to:

FIRST SUNDAYS – All ages, all Societies, all friends, and families are welcome.  


Meeting ID: 894 0220 1858, Passcode: humane


Listen! This wonderful ethical music artist, Jean Rohe, wrote her own American National Anthem: ARISE! ARISE!

“Arise! Arise! I see the future in your eyes” is the anthem movingly sung by Jean Rohe, reminding us that we, the descendants of those who came from many lands, do today aspire to a more perfect union. We’ll listen to the song, share our visions for the future, and devise deeds of support in the present. 

Over a decade ago, Jean Rohe gathered community members in her ETHICAL COMMUNITY (Brooklyn Ethical) to sing with her at The Judson Church, to amplify this creative civic gift —  for the Ethical American “birthday party.”  

There are other great alternative American Anthems that highlight peace and connection,  like Woody Guthrie’s “This Land (is Your Land).”  Listen to this…. and enjoy singing this one too! 

People gather in July on the birthday of the Declaration of Independence’s expression of American ideals.  We’ll gather, and as an American Ethical Union striving to create ethical culture on Earth, we’ll celebrate, as we also review, revise, renew.

Ethical America, practices giving homage to Indigenous Peoples, whose lives on this land preexisted America itself.  Ethical America, strives to stand up for the network of immigrants and indigenous people it is actually made of, to recognize its vast global representation.  Ethical America seek to integrate the values of diverse cultures who make up the ever growing American vision.  Ethical America seeks to face the harms of historic exclusions and violences with recognition, healing and invigorated deed.   Ethical America seeks to be a peaceful participant in a GLOBAL COMMUNITY.

It’s the perfect day to learn this song ARISE! ARISE! together (see the lyrics below! as you listen to the song, so you can practice, if you wish to), to contemplate our Ethical vision for America, and to assert it with Ethical gusto. All ages are welcome to participate.


Participants may come prepared with a relevant creative contribution to share:  Ethical America flag-design, poem, deed, song, idea….  Here is a writing by YEE participant, Marifer,  CREATED LAST YEAR … to inspire you.

Marifer_ Our America 

And finally, here are the LYRICS TO:  ARISE! ARISE! by Jean Rohe

VERSE 1] Atlantic and Pacific flow
The Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico
The land between sustains us all
To cherish it, our tireless call

[Chorus] Arise! Arise!
I see the future in your eyes
To a more perfect union we aspire
And lift our voices from the fire

[VERSE 2] We reached these shores from many lands
We came with hungry hearts and hands
Some came by force and some by will
At the auction block, or the darkened mill

[VERSE 3] We died in your fields and your factories
Strange fruit hangin’ from the poplar trees
With an old coat hanger in a room somewhere
A trail of tears, an electric chair

[VERSE 4] Our great responsibility
To be guardians of our liberty
‘Till tyrants bow to the people’s dream
And justice flows like a mighty stream

[Chorus] Arise! Arise!
I see the future in your eyes
To a more perfect union we aspire
And lift our voices from the fire



Audrey Kindred

Audrey Kindred

Audrey Kindred leads programming for youth and families at Ethical NYC

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