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2022’s “First Sundays Events” are a series of Ethical gatherings intended to bring people of all ages and kinds together.   An ethical offering for the HUMAN FAMILY at large.  An event to invite forth the “inner child” of every human.  ALL AGES of adult and child are invited here to grow together.  These events take place AFTER lunchtime on the first Sunday of each month — designed so that worshippers of every faith and non-faith, (including folks from every Ethical society) can participate. Participants can attend live at Ethical NYC (with vaccination, mask, and preferably an RSVP) or virtually. RSVP for the Virtual link.


NYSEC Zoom for: First Sundays

To Join Zoom For First Sundays:

Below are posters and descriptions for the upcoming events, so you can spread the word, and invite a friend or neighbor, of any age! .


Some Ethical members first met Faatiha Aayat at the Drawdown Climate Gathering in Ethical’s great auditorium, before the pandemic when Greta Thunberg came to NYC on a sailboat and spoke at Ethical with many Climate Justice leaders.  Ever since, YEE has been destined to host her! She is a champion of Children’s Rights and Climate Justice with a worldly perspective, born in a country devastated by climate change,  Bangladesh.  She has spoken at International Climate Conferences and has developed a very powerful voice of leadership, despite being a 5th grader.

Faatiha Aayat will be our keynote! With an Open Mic style, we invite other children and youth, along side her, to share their “visions for an ethical future.”  If your family/children would like to create a sharing, please notify YEE at ahead of time, to be included on the roster.

In preparation for meeting Faatiha, feel free to visit her website:



Ethical humans work to grow ever deeper understandings of RACE, and it’s grip on the American psyche — and despite good intentions and efforts, the zone of racial dialogue remains quite tense.  All humans can grow through deep and thoughtful “children’s books,”  that open up new approaches to challenging topics.

Anastasia Higginbotham has created many books about “Ordinary Terrible Things:”  death, divorce, sex… and RACE.  She helps us humans with hard stuff, giving us tools to talk about and thereby, learn or rethink big stresses.  Higginbotham makes her books by hand in collage on grocery bag paper, using only recycled materials, including jewelry and fabric. Higginbotham writes for social justice organizations and taught full impact self defense for 10 years.


Audrey Kindred

Audrey Kindred

Audrey Kindred leads programming for youth and families at Ethical NYC

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