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Happy Malala Day!

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It’s Malala’s Birthday! Happy Malala Day!

Let’s see what’s going on with Malala these days and let’s take note of what’s happening with her cause: Educational Equality….

Last year she graduated from college. This year we celebrate in 24th year on Earth!

This month, as she celebrates her birthday, she is featured in Vogue Magazine.  Here is her interview (link).

Malala asks us to notice (link to listen) the new dilemmas in the international crisis of girls’ education, in the circumstances of COVID 19. You may wish to make a Malala Day gift to the cause of Educational Equality.

Jin In, activist-speaker of 4GGL (which stands for: For Girls’ GLocal Leadership), who spoke to us at Ethical’s Malala Day event in 2018, suggests we pay close attention to the GIRLS L.E.A.D. ACT.

At Ethical, a few years back YEE (Young Ethical Explorers) made a song to celebrate Malala.  Families translated it into many languages…. Russian, Spanish, French!  Our youngest translator was then 8 years old (Marifer!)… she translated the whole song in sign language, and the next year, she performed it in front of a huge audience at the A Better World Festival produced by Love, Hallie Organization. Link here for that:

Now, here are the lyrics so you can sing it too! Make your own music video if you want! Translate it into your own language!

THE MALALA SONG:  Here are the three verses! Sing them overlapping with a few friends! That could be quite fun! Teach it to your families, camp groups, etc. It’s a great learning tool.  Post it with hashtags of #EthicalNYC and #YoungEthicalExplorers.






Audrey Kindred

Audrey Kindred

Audrey Kindred leads programming for youth and families at Ethical NYC

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