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‘My Family Story’ with Linda Ogden-Wolgemuth

By November 6, 2022No Comments

Linda Ogden-Wolgemuth joined us for November’s First Sundays Intergenerational Gathering to share her family story!

As Linda so aptly put it, “Our families are important to whom we become.” 


ALL together on November 6th, we as an Ethical community will be creating an ANCESTRAL ALTER, an Ofrenda, in Ceremonial Hall.  Please think about an ancestor you’d like to honor. It may well be someone you never met but you relate to for some unique reason.

TO PREPARE FOR NOVEMBER 6th, bring your ancestor’s picture (photocopy please), labeled with their name and relation to you,  to put on the alter.  This is an homage to Dia De Los Muertos ~ a indigenous Mexican tradition that joyfully celebrates those who have lived before us. Participants who come for morning platform may put pictures on the altar first thing upon arrival. As Ethical’s founder says, “The dead are not dead if we have loved them truly. In our own lives, we give them immortality. Let us arise and … found out the circuit of their being to the fullness of an ampler orbit in our own.”

Bonus for Children on this day, November 6: For families who choose to come at 11am, is The Happy Bones Dance and Monarch Meditation. We will be learning about the context of Dia De Los Muertos, and about the profound arrival of the migrating Monarch Butterflies in Mexico, that coincides with and gives added meaning to this tradition of ancestral homage. We will take the monarch’s flight to the rooftops, and have a lovely lunch before FIRST SUNDAYS event.

EXTRA bonus for Children on November 13: Children (and their parents, of course) are invited to follow up with Linda’s guidance the following week, in Young Ethical Explorers (Nov. 13 at 11am), developing their own family stories.

These EVENTS are at no cost to participants, BUT RSVP’s are very helpful in organizing, so please send a quick note if you can to saying:

YES we’re coming to Nov. 6th!!!  

Any questions, feel welcome to ask program director Audrey Kindred. Thank you.

A little more about LINDA!

Linda Ogden-Wolgemuth, PhD, a “biographical adventurer” and master educator, offers coaching, workshops, and small group work to anyone interested in gaining a deeper perspective into their own biography and the biography of being a human being. She says, “As I carry experiences as a Waldorf parent, administrator, and educator in my personal toolbox, I am particularly experienced in this area, but am interested to work with anyone who is curious and open to looking at biography through a new lens.”

Linda has a Certificate in Biography and Social Art from Sunbridge Institute.   She has served as an esteemed contributor to the development of the Waldorf Educational movement in America, rooted in the teachings of Rudolf Steiner.  She has been both a staff member and a board member at the Sunbridge Institute, an independent, not-for-profit adult learning community dedicated to the support of Waldorf education in North America. She has also participated on school Boards of Waldorf schools in Brooklyn and Manhattan. From 2006-2018 Linda was a class teacher at Manhattan’s Rudolf Steiner School.  Her background in education also includes teaching at the university level. A longtime student of anthroposophy, Linda earned her bachelor’s degree with honors in the field of German area studies from The Johns Hopkins University, her master’s and doctoral degrees in German languages and literatures from the University of Pennsylvania, and her certificate in elementary education from Sunbridge College.



Audrey Kindred

Audrey Kindred leads programming for youth and families at Ethical NYC

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