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Joe Chuman: Out of Disaster Good Things Can Happen

By June 14, 2020September 25th, 2020No Comments

American society is experiencing two challenges, though “disasters” may be more apt that are probably unprecedented in American history. We have suffered through pandemics (though none of this scale for a century) and the unrest we are experiencing are reminiscent of the urban upheavals of the 1960s. But both never at the same time.

Pessimism would seem to be the dominant disposition. But history is such that often downturns and challenges lead us to conditions that leave us better off than before.

In his address, Joe looked ahead to what may be a more promising future.

Sunday Platform is our most important and long-standing community event. These gatherings educate, stimulate personal growth, inspire reflection and action, and strengthen our community. Sunday meetings usually begin with music, followed by greetings and a talk given by a Society Leader, member, or guest.  Platforms cover a variety of topics that reflect current events, pressing social issues, and Ethical Culture philosophy. A collection basket is passed and money is shared between the Society and a charity selected for that day.  While contributions are always appreciated, Sunday meetings are free and open to the public.  Each Sunday meeting is followed by a luncheon and social hour.

To view previous Sunday Platform addresses and interviews, visit the Ethical NYC YouTube channel.

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