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Lea Lane: Travel Tales in The Time of Climate Change: Mid-20th Century ‘Til Now

By February 22, 2024February 29th, 2024No Comments

At our February session of Share and Learn, we were joined by award-winning travel author, columnist, and podcaster Lea Lane!

About Lea Lane

Lea Lane has been an award-winning travel writer for over 50 years. Her latest book is the Kirkus-starred Places I Remember: Tales, Truths, Delights from 100 Countries.

Her award-winning travel podcast, Places I Remember with Lea Lane, is rated top 3% globally, and is now also on YouTube.

She’s been a corporate VP, worked with foster kids, acted in an Indie (“Nurse 1”), was on Jeopardy!. She’s been managing editor of a travel publication, written for the New York Times and Miami Herald, and authored nine books. She’s a long-time correspondent on; and has contributed to everything from encyclopedias to guidebooks.

Her website is

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