Watch Now: AEU Salon on Peace and Climate

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine has elicited a broad range of responses from a broad range of perspectives.  Here are three from Ethical Culture:

  • We must respond to the human suffering caused by war with concrete actions.
  • Violence is never justified.
  • We must not be complicit in supporting the root causes of war.

Watch our April 20th discussion of these ideas in the classic Ethical Culture approach to differing priorities–a friendly, if energetic, discussion among colleagues.  James Croft, Curt Collier, and Bart Worden exchanged; Nori Rost moderated, followed by Q&A.


  • Dr. James Croft, leader at the Ethical Society of St Louis;
  • Curt Collier, leader at Bergen Ethical Culture Society and consulting leader for Ethical Culture Society of Silicon Valley;
  • Bart Worden, leader at Ethical Culture Community of Westchester and Executive Director of the American Ethical Union;
  • Dr. Nori Rost, senior leader at New York Society for Ethical Culture.

This Salon was presented by the American Ethical Union Ethical Action Committee and was co-hosted by:

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