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Shiv Soin: Building and Supporting a NYC Youth Climate Movement

By July 23, 2023No Comments

As the global youth climate movement progresses, many are turning to localized action to create true change. TREEage Co-Executive Director Shiv Soin will discuss his journey into local climate organizing, his vision, and the challenges facing young people trying to mobilize and use their political power in New York City and State.

“Young people are a key constituency in climate policy. They are one seat on this larger table of other stakeholders, but just as valuable. It’s time our government treats young people like that” –Shiv Soin


Named one of the most influential climate leaders in New York, Shiv Soin is the Executive Director of TREEage and the Youth Lead at TED Countdown. Under Shiv’s leadership, TREEage has grown into a force in New York by building a membership base of over 250 students across 40 schools. As a leading youth organizer, Shiv also sits on the Steering Committee of New York Renews, a coalition of environmental, justice, faith, and labor groups across the state. He has worked extensively on political and electoral campaigns in New York and co-authored several policy proposals, ranging from creating 100,000 green jobs by 2025 to larger environmental frameworks for the New York City Council.

Shiv’s local organizing experience drives his international work at TED Countdown, TED’s climate initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis. At TED Countdown, Shiv leads global youth engagement strategy and curation. Shiv is also a recent graduate of New York University.

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